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Reader is an innovative web application and library crafted specifically for feed reading. Made with Python, this software is a standalone solution that doesn't require any extra dependencies. It only relies on the standard Python library and pure-Python dependencies, making it incredibly lightweight yet efficient.

GitHub - lemon24/reader: A Python feed reader library.
A Python feed reader library. Contribute to lemon24/reader development by creating an account on GitHub.


Key features of Reader include its independence from any external dependencies. This makes it an outstanding option for those who want to keep their software stack simple and manageable. The application is also built to be versatile; it functions as both a web app for end-users and a library that developers can utilize to build their own feed reader applications.

Additionally, Reader boasts high-level performance due to its optimized usage of standard Python libraries, giving it fast processing speeds even when dealing with large quantities of data feeds. Its straightforward design also makes the application easy to use while still providing necessary functionalities such as bookmarking feeds, sorting them by categories or tags, and more.

In conclusion, Reader is not just an ordinary feed reader - it's a comprehensive tool designed for both users who seek simplicity in browsing their feeds and developers looking to build their own customized applications.

With 305 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-21 the project looks healthy.