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# Overview

Release Bell
Get notifications for releases of your favorite GitHub projects


ReleaseBell is a convenient and reliable software that offers an impeccable way to monitor your preferred GitHub repositories. It provides timely updates, ensuring that you are notified about every new tag or release. Not only does it work with GitHub, but it also caters to manually tracking GitLab project releases, broadening its scope of application.

# Key Features

One of the main features that set ReleaseBell apart is its automatic tracking system. Once you've starred a GitHub repository, ReleaseBell takes over the monitoring task and keeps you updated on every new tag or release that comes up. This feature saves you the hassle of checking for updates manually and ensures you stay in the loop.

Additionally, ReleaseBell gives you the power to manually track GitLab projects. This means that even if your projects are on GitLab, you can still enjoy the benefit of being notified when there's a new release. Lastly, all these notifications are conveniently sent via email, thus ensuring they reach you promptly.

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