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remark42 is a user-friendly, lightweight comment engine that puts a premium on user privacy. Made with simplicity in mind, it provides an intuitive platform for fostering discussions without adding unnecessary complexity or requiring users to sacrifice their privacy.

Remark42 – Privacy-focused lightweight commenting engine | Remark42
Remark42 is a self-hosted, lightweight, and simple (yet functional) comment engine, which doesn’t spy on users. It can be embedded into blogs, articles or any other place where readers add comments.


One of the key features of remark42 is its respect for users' privacy. Unlike other comment engines that gather and sell user data, remark42 ensures users can engage in discussions without worrying about having their information compromised. This emphasis on privacy does not impact its functionality; users can still enjoy a full-featured commenting system with all the necessary tools for engaging conversations.

Another noteworthy feature of remark42 is its simplicity and ease-of-use. Its lightweight nature ensures it doesn't bog down your site's performance while still providing all the necessary functionality you'd expect from a comment engine. It's also been designed to be easy to install and manage, making it a great choice even for those who might not have extensive technical skills.

Moreover, despite being simple to use, remark42 doesn't compromise on features. Users can still have rich text options for their comments and it supports multi-level nested comments, giving conversations more depth and context. Other features like moderation tools and social login options bring added convenience to both users and website administrators.

With 4412 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-24 the project looks healthy.