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Routr is an advanced software solution that acts as a lightweight SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) proxy, location server, and registrar. It's specifically engineered to foster the development of highly reliable and scalable SIP infrastructures. With its streamlined design, it effortlessly manages the complexities of building and maintaining communication networks.

A SIP server by Fonoster


In its core features, Routr stands out with its capability to act as an efficient SIP proxy. It facilitates the process of signaling and handling of sessions in an IP network. This includes everything from call setup, modification, to termination. As a result, it ensures smooth communication flow within the network.

Moreover, Routr also doubles as a potent location server. It helps in tracking the whereabouts of end-users on a network - crucial for routing calls to their current locations effectively. The software further incorporates functionalities of a robust registrar. It allows the registration of user locations while also authenticating users before they can use network services.

In essence, Routr provides a comprehensive suite of tools needed to build a dependable and scalable SIP infrastructure. It brings together functionality and efficiency while promising stability for your communication networks.

With 1133 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-06 the project looks healthy.