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Rukovoditel stands out as an adaptable open-source project management tool designed for the web. Its primary function is to assist teams and individuals in organizing, tracking, and managing their projects effectively. Its open-source nature allows for extensive customization to fit a wide range of business needs.

Open Source Project Management - Rukovoditel
Free web-based and Open Source Project Management for your business. PHP / MySQL


Key features of Rukovoditel make it a versatile choice for project management across various sectors. It offers customizable fields that can be tailored to suit your project's unique requirements. This flexibility extends to its structure, which can be molded according to your business processes.

In addition to its adaptability, Rukovoditel provides robust reporting and analytical tools. These help you monitor progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Moreover, Rukovoditel's web-based feature means you can access your projects anywhere and anytime - all you need is an internet connection.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.