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SiteInspector is a robust online tool specifically constructed to enhance the accuracy and integrity of your website. It works by scanning the site to recognize and correct spelling mistakes, grammatical inaccuracies, broken links, and other website errors. It's an indispensable tool for any individual or business aiming to maintain a professional and seamless online presence.

SiteInspector - Website error checker
SiteInspector is an open-source tool for catching spelling errors, grammatical errors, broken links, and other errors on your website.


In terms of key features, SiteInspector stands out with its comprehensive spell-check system that leaves no stone unturned. It meticulously combs through every page of your website to identify spelling errors, ensuring that your content maintains a high standard of professionalism. Additionally, it has an advanced grammar check system which is crucial in maintaining the flow and ease of understanding in your content.

Furthermore, SiteInspector identifies any broken links that might negatively affect your website's user experience or SEO ranking. Also worth mentioning is its expansive error detection feature covering not just typos and link issues but also any other potential problems that could harm your website's performance or overall user experience.

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