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Snipe-IT is an open-source project that focuses on IT asset management. It caters to the needs of IT operations by keeping track of who has which laptop, when it was purchased for proper depreciation, and manages software licenses among others.

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Snipe-IT is a free, open source IT asset management system that helps you manage assets, software licenses, accessories, components and consumables within your organization.


This software is built with transparency, security and oversight being its core values. Being open source means there are no vendor lock-ins and users have the freedom to modify and use it as per their individual needs. Security is embedded in the DNA of this software as well as its cloud-hosting infrastructure making Snipe-IT a secure choice for managing your IT assets.

Releases are frequent with Snipe-IT, ensuring it stays up-to-date with constant improvements. New features are added and bugs fixed almost daily creating a dynamic environment that is always improving. Alongside these regular updates, an intuitive developer JSON REST API allows users to develop custom automations based on individual needs providing a powerful toolset for asset management.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.