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Socialhome is a unique blend of a decentralized social network engine and a profile builder that upholds the principle of federated networking. It allows users to build their online presence while maintaining complete control over their data and privacy. It embraces the concept of decentralization, challenging the mainstream centralized social media platforms by providing an open-source alternative.

Socialhome HQ - Socialhome
Profile of Socialhome HQ.


 Among its standout features, Socialhome provides users with the ability to create rich content using Markdown syntax. It offers an intuitive dashboard interface for easy navigation, real-time updates, and quick access to content. Users can create personalized streams out of public content, follow other users' profiles or specific hashtags, and interact seamlessly within this decentralized environment.

 The core value proposition of Socialhome lies in its commitment to user privacy and data sovereignty. It ensures that your data stays yours – you can choose who you share your content with, and remove it at any time. Furthermore, being an open-source platform allows for community contributions to constantly improve and innovate within the software, making Socialhome not just a product but also a community-driven project.

With 344 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-09 the project looks healthy.