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Sorry Cypress

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Sorry Cypress serves as an exceptional open-source dashboard for the widely used Cypress browser automation framework. This software is designed to enhance your test automation processes by introducing enhanced functionality and user-friendly interface that brings efficiency and effectiveness to your testing procedures.

Sorry Cypress - open source cypress dashboard
Self-hosted, alternative dashboard for unlimited parallelization, recording and debugging of cypress tests.


Key features include unlimited parallelization that allows you to run multiple tests simultaneously, significantly reducing the time required for comprehensive testing. With Sorry Cypress, you no longer have to worry about time-consuming sequential testing.

Moreover, it provides recording capabilities that allow users to document every detail of their tests. This feature is particularly useful in tracking and resolving bugs as it enables developers to revisit specific test sessions whenever necessary. Additionally, Sorry Cypress includes a powerful debugging feature which makes troubleshooting a seamless process. You can precisely pinpoint where things go wrong during the execution of tests and fix issues effectively.

In conclusion, Sorry Cypress transforms the approach towards browser automation testing with its unbeatable features such as unlimited parallelization, efficient recording, and advanced debugging tools. It's an indispensable tool in any developer's toolkit aiming for optimized test management.

With 2475 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-22 the project looks healthy.