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Speed Test by OpenSpeedTest™

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Unlock the power of network performance assessment with the Speed Test by OpenSpeedTest™. This free and open-source software uses HTML5 technology to provide reliable estimates for your internet speed.

SpeedTest by OpenSpeedTest™ HTML5 Internet Speed Test.
Test Your Speed on Any Device without an App! Is Your Internet Fast Enough? Take This SpeedTest Now and Find Out! HTML5 Internet Speed Test.


The key feature of Speed Test by OpenSpeedTest™ is its rich functionality. The software allows users to measure not just download and upload speeds, but also ping response times and packet loss rates, providing a comprehensive view of network quality. Being open-source, it invites community contribution to ensure constant development and improvement.

Moreover, its HTML5 foundation makes it compatible across all platforms, be it Windows, iOS, Android or Linux. It does not require any additional plugins like Flash or Java and can work directly from your browser for utmost convenience. Whether you're a casual internet user or an IT professional needing precise data about network performance - Speed Test by OpenSpeedTest™ is the tool you need.

With 997 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-09 the project looks healthy.