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Takahē is a powerful server software that opens the door to federated microblogging. It's designed and developed to effectively manage and distribute microblogs across multiple servers while ensuring seamless communication between them.

Welcome | Takahē
Takahē is an ActivityPub server designed for efficient use on small- to medium-size installations, and which allows you to host multiple domains on the same infrastructure.It’s currently in an beta state, meaning most things work and it can talk to most of the Fediverse, but there’s still some poli…


The key features of Takahē include its ability to connect and collaborate with multiple servers, thus enabling a broad network of microblogs. With its federated nature, Takahē ensures that your content reaches a wider audience by sharing it across different platforms in real time. This helps in creating a dynamic and diverse online community.

Moreover, Takahē is built keeping user convenience in mind. It facilitates efficient management of microblogs, allowing users to effortlessly publish and distribute their content. Additionally, with Takahē, users can enjoy uninterrupted cross-server interactions, making the overall blogging experience more engaging and interactive.

With 927 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-30 the project looks healthy.