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Textpattern is a web-based Content Management System (CMS) that is known for its versatility, elegance, and user-friendly interface. It empowers website developers to effortlessly create, manage, and publish content online. With its wide array of features tailored to fit every user's needs, Textpattern strikes the perfect balance between functionality and simplicity.

Textpattern CMS | Open source content management system
Textpattern CMS is a free, PHP open source CMS (content management system) with a browser-based interface in over 50 languages.


Some key features of Textpattern include an intuitive admin interface that provides seamless navigation through the system. This feature makes it easy for users to manage their content without having to wrangle with complex settings. Moreover, Textpattern offers flexibility in terms of design and layout. Users have complete control over how their webpage looks like; they can choose from pre-existing templates or create their own from scratch.

In addition to these features, Textpattern supports a wide variety of extensions and plugins. This allows users to add any extra functionality that they might need for their websites. Lastly, Textpattern has an active community of users who are always ready to help out with any issues or questions that might arise; this ensures continuous development and improvement of the software.

With 725 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-28 the project looks healthy.