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Typemill is a remarkably intuitive and user-centric flat-file content management system built with authors in mind. Leveraging the power of Vue.js, it integrates a visual markdown editor that simplifies the creation and management of your digital content.

Typemill - A CMS for Micro Publishing
Typemill is an open-source flat-file cms for text-driven websites. Create handbooks, documentations, manuals, web-novels, traditional websites, and more.


The standout feature of Typemill is its visual markdown editor. Unlike traditional markdown editors, this tool provides real-time previews of your content as you write it. This helps to visualize how the final output will appear, making content creation an interactive experience.

Furthermore, being a flat-file CMS, Typemill stores all data in files instead of databases. This makes it more lightweight and faster than other CMS options out there. In addition to speed, this also means easy backups since all your data can be saved by simply copying files.

Lastly, Typemill focuses on simplicity without compromising functionality. It doesn’t require in-depth technical knowledge to get started or operate. This user-friendliness combined with its powerful features makes Typemill an ideal choice for authors looking to easily manage their digital content.

With 396 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-17 the project looks healthy.