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üWave is a unique, self-hosted platform designed to enhance the experience of collaborative listening. This software brings together music aficionados, allowing them to listen to their favorite songs and discover new ones, together, at their own pace and space.  

üWave is a self-hosted collaborative listening platform.


The key feature of üWave is its ability to serve as a shared virtual space where users can listen to music collaboratively. It supports multiple media sources which enables users to upload their own tracks or select from available streams. The platform also features an interactive voting system, allowing users to vote for the next song they want to listen collectively.

Another distinctive aspect of üWave is its customizable interface. Users can modify it according to their preferences for a more personalized experience. Furthermore, the software offers chat functionality for real-time communication between users, enhancing the interactive aspect of the platform.

In essence, üWave is not just a music-listening tool; it's a social hub that combines music discovery with community interaction.

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