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Volumio stands as an innovative and free Linux-based operating system, primarily designed to deliver an optimized music streaming experience. It provides a unique blend of high-resolution audio quality and user-friendly interface, making it the go-to choice for music enthusiasts.

Volumio - The Music Player
Volumio is an open-source Music Player. It is designed to play all your music in high quality from any device with a browser.


This software offers a range of impressive features that significantly enhance your music playback experience. One key feature is its unparalleled compatibility; Volumio works seamlessly with a variety of audio formats and devices. It allows user to play any kind of audio files including FLAC, ALAC, DSD and many more from any storage media- be it USB, network storage, or even online platforms like web radios or Spotify.

Volumio also boasts a multi-room feature that lets users play different tunes on different devices at the same time. This way you can enjoy multiple genres at once without compromising on the sound quality. Moreover, it offers flexibility in controlling your music playback via its web User Interface or through apps available for both Android & iOS devices.

With its commitment to superior sound quality and ease of use, Volumio has carved out a niche in the world of digital music playback OSs.

With 1351 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-04-04 the project looks abandoned.