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XBackBone is a versatile PHP file manager designed for self-hosting. It's lightweight, user-friendly, and fully compatible with ShareX, a popular screen capture and file sharing tool, along with *NIX systems. This easy-to-use software supports a wide range of tasks, including image uploading and display, video sharing, code sharing, and file downloading and uploading. Its web user interface comes with multi-user management, a history of past uploads, and search support for seamless navigation.

A lightweight file manager with full ShareX support and more


The software stands out for its broad range of features. It supports every type of upload from ShareX, and even includes a config generator for this tool. The memory footprint is low, ensuring optimal performance. Users can choose from multiple backends, such as local storage, AWS S3, Google Cloud, Azure Blob Storage, Dropbox, and FTP(s). It also supports web file upload, provides code uploads with syntax highlighting, and includes a web player for video and audio uploads.

More advanced features include a PDF viewer, a file preview page, and support for Bootswatch themes. The responsive theme is perfect for mobile use. XBackBone is multilingual and includes user management capabilities, multi-user features, roles, and disk quota. Users can choose between public and private uploads. The software also includes a logging system, a share to Telegram feature, a registration system, and an automatic upload tagging system. System updates can be made without FTP or CLI, and there's an easy web installer and LDAP authentication for added convenience.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.