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xBrowserSync is a comprehensive open-source tool designed to seamlessly synchronize your browser data among various devices and different browsers. With xBrowserSync, you can enjoy a unified browsing experience, no matter what device or browser you're using.

xBrowserSync - Browser syncing as it should be: secure, anonymous and free!
Free and open source tool for syncing your bookmarks and browser data between your various browsers and devices.


The key feature of xBrowserSync is its ability to sync your bookmarks between different browsers effortlessly. Whether you are using Chrome on your PC or Safari on your iPhone, you can always find the bookmarked pages right where you left them. It ensures consistent accessibility to your favorite websites across all platforms.

Another significant feature of xBrowserSync is its focus on privacy. Unlike other syncing tools, it does not require personal identification information or login credentials, thus maintaining user confidentiality and anonymity. Moreover, xBrowserSync is built on open-source software; hence it provides transparency of operations and offers a community-driven improvement approach.

Last but not least, this software offers an easy-to-use interface that facilitates smooth navigation for users of all levels of technical expertise. The installation and setup process is straightforward as well; therefore even beginners can use it with ease. With xBrowserSync, enjoy a synchronized browsing experience with complete privacy.

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