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Create your own URL shortening service with YOURLS. Enjoy full data control, detailed analytics, and a customizable, extensible platform.

Overview: YOURLS, or Your Own URL Shortener, is a robust PHP-based application that allows you to create and manage your own URL shortening service. With YOURLS, you gain complete control over your data with detailed statistics and analytics. It is an open-source solution that empowers you with flexibility and customizability through a rich set of features and an extensive plugin ecosystem.

Your Own URL Shortener

Key Features

  • Self-Hosted: Keep full control over your link data by hosting YOURLS on your own server.
  • Statistical Analysis: Access detailed statistics about your URLs, including click reports, referrers tracking, and visitor geolocation.
  • Public Interface: Optionally provide a public interface for users who wish to shorten their links on the go.
  • Developer API: Integrate with other applications or services using the developer-friendly API.
  • Customizable: Tailor YOURLS to your needs with its powerful plugin architecture that allows for extending functionality.
  • User Management: Manage users and their permissions within your URL shortener service.
  • Social Sharing: Easily share shortened URLs on social media platforms directly from the YOURLS interface.
  • Bookmarklets: Create quick-access browser bookmarklets for fast link shortening without accessing the admin panel.
  • Bulk Shortening: Shorten multiple URLs in one go with bulk URL shortening feature.
  • Friendly Installer: Set up YOURLS easily with a user-friendly installation process.

Yourls Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Campaign Management: Use YOURLS for managing marketing campaigns by creating short links with UTM parameters for tracking performance across different channels.
  • User Engagement Analytics: Embed YOURLS in customer-facing applications to track user engagement through custom short links and gain insights into user behavior.
  • Creative Services: Offer branded short link services to clients looking for a personalized touch in their digital presence.
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