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ZNC is an advanced, highly-configurable IRC (Internet Relay Chat) bouncer that allows users to stay connected to their favorite IRC channels even when they're offline. It offers features that go beyond basic bouncing capabilities, providing a seamless IRC experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.



The key feature of ZNC is its ability to stay connected to the IRC server even when the user's client is not. This means you can disconnect from your chat, turn off your computer, or even lose internet connection without worrying about missing out on what's happening in your preferred channels. All messages are stored and presented to you when you reconnect.

Another innovative feature of ZNC is its modular design. This gives users the capability to customize their experience by enabling specific modules for additional functionality like logging, message buffering, and more. The service also supports playback of missed conversations so you won't miss any important discussion while being away.

Moreover, ZNC provides multi-network and multi-user support. It means it can connect multiple clients from different locations to various networks simultaneously. This makes it an ideal solution for power users who manage multiple IRC profiles or for teams who need a centralized place for their communications.

With 1940 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-03-20 the project looks stale.