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Actual is an innovative personal finance software designed to help you manage your money in an effective and secure manner. It's rooted in the principle of zero-sum budgeting, ensuring every dollar has a job, promoting responsible financial planning. The application stands out with its local-first data storage approach, prioritizing user privacy and data control.

Actual Budget


The key feature of Actual is its robust zero-sum budgeting system. This method encourages users to assign every dollar they earn to specific expenses, savings, or investments, thereby reducing wasteful spending and fostering financial discipline. The application provides a clear and comprehensive overview of your financial status at any given moment.

Another unique feature of Actual is its emphasis on local-first data storage. Unlike many applications that rely heavily on cloud-based systems, Actual defaults to storing your information locally on your device. This not only ensures quicker access to your data but also provides an additional layer of privacy by keeping sensitive financial information under your direct control.

With 1808 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-29 the project looks healthy.