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Apaxy is a theme that is specifically crafted to improve the user journey when navigating through web directories. It leverages mod_autoindex, an essential Apache module, and CSS to transform the standard style of directory listings. This solution breathes new life into an otherwise bland and often confusing process, making it more aesthetic and user-friendly.

Apaxy: A simple, customisable Apache directory theme
Apaxy: A simple, customisable Apache directory theme.


Key to Apaxy's functionality is its use of the mod_autoindex Apache module. This open-source module provides a framework for indexing files and directories on your website, fostering better organization and accessibility. By incorporating this tool, Apaxy enhances not only the visual appeal of your directory listings but also their functionality.

Moreover, Apaxy makes excellent use of CSS to override the default layout of web directory listings. By doing so, it offers a heightened level of customization that adapts to your preferences or brand identity. The combination of mod_autoindex with upgradable CSS gives Apaxy an edge in creating visually appealing, efficient, and navigable web directories.

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