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AmIUnique serves as your personal tool for understanding how identifiable you are on the internet. This innovative browser fingerprinting software provides a deep-dive into the digital footprint that you leave whenever you browse the web.

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Check if your browser has a unique fingerprint, how identifiable you are on the Internet


   The key feature of AmIUnique is its ability to analyze and present how unique or common your digital fingerprint is. It compares your fingerprint against a global database, providing you with an instant analysis of how easily you can be identified among millions of other users.

   In addition to this, AmIUnique also provides insights into the various factors that contribute to making your browser fingerprint unique. These could include details about your system configuration, browser version and plugins, and screen resolution. By presenting all this information in an easy-to-understand format, AmIUnique educates users on their web presence and offers ways to improve their online privacy.

With 667 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2019-02-21 the project looks abandoned.