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Tania is an all-inclusive farming management system that is open source and free of charge. It provides a user-friendly platform for all, from small-scale farmers to large agricultural enterprises, making it easier to manage various farming activities.

Tania ・ Open Source Farm Management Sofware
Tania is a free and open source farm management software.


Key features of Tania include the ability to track and manage your farm's resources. It includes tools for managing soil, water, crops, animals, and other resources. Additionally, it allows you to plan, execute and monitor all the farm operations from seeding to harvesting.

Another striking capability of Tania is its financial management feature which gives you a comprehensive overview of your farm's financial health. It enables you to track expenses and income in an organized manner. Its open-source nature allows for customization according to your unique needs or particular farming techniques.

In conclusion, Tania is not just a farming management system; it's a smart solution aimed at making the life of every farmer easier by delivering comprehensive management tools in a user-friendly package.

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