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Apostrophe is an innovative content management system (CMS) designed with a particular emphasis on empowering users with extensible in-context editing tools. It's a feature-rich platform that provides the flexibility needed to create and manage digital content seamlessly, all within the context of your website. It bridges the gap between complex CMS and user-friendly website development.

ApostropheCMS - The professional website builder platform
A powerful and flexible website builder solution without limitations. Manage content elegantly with developer forward tech.


One of the key features of Apostrophe is its in-context editing functionality, which means you can edit your website directly, without needing to switch between different views or panels. By making changes right on your site pages, it removes layers of abstraction and allows non-technical users to easily manage their online content.

Another major advantage of Apostrophe is its extensibility. The flexible module-based architecture lets developers extend and customize its functionality based on their unique project needs. This means you can add new features and capabilities as your site grows without having to rebuild or reconfigure from scratch.

Moreover, Apostrophe's vibrant community contributes to a robust selection of additional modules - from security enhancements to SEO optimization tools - making it a comprehensive solution for all kinds of websites.

With 4098 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-27 the project looks healthy.