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Neko is a cutting-edge software that provides you with your own personal, self-hosted virtual browser. It's designed for those who want complete control and privacy when browsing the web.

A self hosted virtual browser (rabb.it clone) that runs in docker


The most significant characteristic of Neko is its ability to let you host your own virtual browser. This means that all of your browsing data stays with you and doesn't get sent to any third-party servers. In addition to the privacy benefits, this also allows for a more customizable and personal browsing experience.

A noteworthy feature of Neko is its ease of use. Even though it offers advanced capabilities such as self-hosting, it's designed with simplicity in mind. This ensures that even those without advanced technical knowledge can easily set up and use their own virtual browser. Moreover, Neko is developed with a focus on performance, ensuring that your browsing experience is fast and seamless.

With 4061 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-26 the project looks healthy.