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Transform your music collection with Beets. Manage metadata, detect duplicates, convert formats, and access your library via a web interface.

Beets is the ultimate media library management system for obsessive music enthusiasts. It catalogs your music collection, enriching its metadata from the MusicBrainz database. With a variety of tools and plugins, beets can handle all your music needs, transforming your collection into an organized, fully optimized library.

beets: the music geek‘s media organizer

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Metadata Management: Automatically improve your music's metadata with information fetched from MusicBrainz, Discogs, and Beatport.
  • Extensible with Plugins: Enhance functionality with plugins for fetching album art, lyrics, genres, tempos, ReplayGain levels, and more.
  • Format Transcoding: Convert audio files to various formats to suit your listening preferences or device requirements.
  • Duplicates and Missing Tracks Detection: Keep your library clean by identifying duplicate tracks or albums and locating missing songs.
  • Web Interface: Browse and play your music collection in any HTML5 Audio-compatible web browser.
  • Customization: If you have Python skills, you can easily create custom plugins to tailor beets precisely to your needs.

Beets Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Create an automated music cataloging system that integrates seamlessly with existing media servers or applications.
  • Develop a service to clean up and enhance metadata for clients with large digital music collections.
  • Incorporate beets into a workflow that transcodes audio files for compatibility with various devices or platforms used by clients.
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