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Calagator is a one-stop platform that brings together multiple events into one easily accessible location. It's an open-source application designed to cater to the needs of individuals or businesses seeking a comprehensive solution to manage and track various events.

Calagator: Portland’s Tech Calendar


In terms of key features, Calagator stands out with its ability to aggregate various events efficiently. It allows users to import events from different sources, enabling a broader reach and more diverse content. Whether the events are online or offline, Calagator aims to provide an inclusive platform where all types of event information can be found.

Furthermore, Calagator offers a unique feature - the ability for community involvement. This means that anyone in the community can contribute by adding or updating event details. This level of collaboration ensures that the platform stays updated and relevant with current happenings. Additionally, it has an intuitive calendar view layout which gives users a clear overview of all listed events.

With 422 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-12-13 the project looks stale.