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ChiefOnboarding is designed to simplify and enhance the process of integrating new employees into your organization, especially in remote teams. We strive to provide a structured, seamless onboarding process for various organizational roles including IT professionals, HR managers, buddies, and most importantly, your newest team members.

ChiefOnboarding – Employee onboarding done right.


The software allows you to craft an entirely customized plan for your new hires. Within minutes, you can create a detailed blueprint of the journey they'll undertake. With the ability to add tasks at specific times or dates or upon completion of a preceding task, you can effectively manage their workload without overwhelming them.

ChiefOnboarding goes beyond just planning – it offers tools for execution as well. Once your new hire starts their journey, they can complete tasks, access resources and courses, earn badges as rewards and receive custom messages from their team. Additionally, the software comes equipped with a preboarding module that helps prepare recruits for their first day at work.

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