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ClearFlask offers a comprehensive solution for receiving, managing, and prioritizing feedback to build better products through community engagement. This tool allows you to create a public roadmap that is driven by your user's insights, giving them a direct influence on the development process.

Feedback Management Tool | ClearFlask


Key features of ClearFlask include its robust feedback management system. This feature allows users to easily submit their thoughts and ideas, which in turn can be organized and prioritized by the software. This ensures that all user input is considered in the product’s evolution, fostering improved customer satisfaction.

Additionally, ClearFlask's public roadmap feature provides transparency about future updates and developments. By sharing what's coming up next in your product's journey with your users, you not only keep them informed but also create anticipation for upcoming features. This open dialogue can lead to improved trust and rapport between you and your user base.

With 177 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-08-01 the project looks healthy.