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Quizmaster stands as an engaging web-based application that caters to users intending to host quizzes. It provides a streamlined platform for creating and managing quizzes, thereby making it a perfect tool for educators, trainers, or anyone seeking to test knowledge in a fun and interactive manner.

GitHub - nymanjens/quizmaster: A web-app for conducting a quiz over the internet
A web-app for conducting a quiz over the internet. Contribute to nymanjens/quizmaster development by creating an account on GitHub.


A standout feature of Quizmaster is its user-friendly interface where players can easily enter and submit their answers. This unique feature not only allows for an uninterrupted quiz experience but also helps maintain the efficiency and integrity of the quiz results.

Moreover, Quizmaster comes packed with customizable settings that allow quiz hosts to tailor the quiz according to their needs. From setting up question parameters to deciding time limits, Quizmaster provides total control over every facet of quiz creation and execution. The software's commitment to providing a comprehensive quizzing solution makes it an essential tool for any interactive learning situation.

With 175 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-02-09 the project looks stale.