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Coppermine is an interactive, multilingual photo gallery software. This easy-to-use tool offers a seamless integration with a multitude of bulletin boards, providing users with an excellent platform to showcase and share their photos across various communities.

Coppermine Photo Gallery
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Key to Coppermine's utility is its multi-language support, which enables users worldwide to use the software in their native language. This accessibility enhances user experience and extends the reach of the platform to a global audience. Furthermore, the software allows the creation of individual albums, where users can upload and organize their photos based on themes or events.

Integration with various bulletin boards distinguishes Coppermine from other similar tools. It facilitates social interaction among users through comments, ratings, and even allows for e-card creation. By making it easier for users to engage with each other's galleries, Coppermine helps in building online communities centred around shared photographic interests.

With 61 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-04-24 the project looks stale.