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Starbase 80

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Starbase 80 is a seamless, user-friendly homepage that sports an intuitive iPad-style application grid. It provides a simple yet effective interface for users on both mobile and desktop platforms which makes it a versatile tool for various devices.

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The key feature of Starbase 80 is its unique layout reminiscent of the iPad's application grid. This familiar design engenders effortless navigation, allowing users to easily locate and access their applications. The intuitive arrangement of apps promotes efficiency and reduces time spent searching for particular applications.

Furthermore, Starbase 80 is not restricted to one device type. It has been thoughtfully designed to work efficiently on both mobile and desktop platforms. Hence, irrespective of device choice, users can enjoy a consistent experience with Starbase 80. The cross-platform compatibility makes it convenient for users who switch between devices regularly.

With 60 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-16 the project looks healthy.