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CoreShop is a remarkable e-commerce solution that seamlessly integrates with Pimcore. It offers businesses the opportunity to amplify their online presence and improve sales through its robust features and functionalities.

CoreShop - Pimcore e-commerce
CoreShop is the #1 eCommerce solution based on Pimcore flexible platform. We solve the real problem of eCommerce solutions


The CoreShop plugin offers a collection of key features that sets it apart in the crowded e-commerce space. It provides an intuitive interface that makes navigation and usage effortless. In addition, the plugin allows users to customize their online store to reflect their brand image, creating a unique shopping experience for customers.

With CoreShop, businesses can manage multiple stores from one platform. This ability to centralize operations reduces complexity and increases efficiency. Furthermore, it utilizes the power of Pimcore's data management capabilities to compile customer data and offer personalized shopping experiences. The combination of these features makes CoreShop not just an e-commerce solution, but also an effective tool for business growth.

With 244 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.