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**Databunker** serves as a robust and reliable solution designed to securely store personal or PII. This network-based software adheres to the stringent standards of GDPR compliance, ensuring your data handling processes meet all legal obligations. Databunker operates as a self-hosted platform, granting you full control over your data storage while maintaining rigorous security standards.

Databunker secure db for ✔️ critical records ✔️ PII ✔️ PHI
Databunker gives strong, serious, real personal-data protection for customer records without expensive custom coding and with full customer visibility.


The core features of Databunker include its network-based operation and self-hosting capabilities. These allow for seamless integration into existing systems without compromising security, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their data management processes. Its capacity to securely handle PII makes it invaluable in an era where privacy is paramount.

Additionally, Databunker's commitment to GDPR-compliance ensures your operations remain within the boundaries of legal regulations. It alleviates any concerns about potential data breaches or non-compliance implications. In summary, Databunker provides a comprehensive balance between control, security, and compliance in managing sensitive personal data.

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