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DOMJudge is an innovative software system that facilitates the smooth execution of programming contests. Taking inspiration from prestigious events such as the ICPC regional and world championship programming contests, DOMJudge offers a reliable platform for simulating similar environments.

DOMjudge - Programming Contest Jury System


A key feature of DOMJudge is its robust competition environment. It takes away the hassle of managing individual contest submissions and provides a streamlined process for organizing and running coding competitions. With DOMJudge, contest organizers can focus on creating effective challenges while letting the system handle the technical details.

Additionally, DOMJudge supports various popular programming languages, offering flexibility to its users. The system also includes an in-built judge for evaluating code submissions based on problem-specific criteria and providing immediate feedback. Its user-friendly interface ensures that both participants and administrators can navigate through the platform with ease. This makes managing large-scale contests not only possible but also efficient.

With 634 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.