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DreamFactory is an innovative software tool which simplifies the process of turning any type of structured data (SQL, NoSQL etc.) into a fully functional Restful API. It provides a seamless bridge between your data and the applications that need to access it, facilitating efficient and streamlined data operations.

DreamFactory API management
DreamFactory is a free, open source software package that provides a complete REST API for mobile, web, and IoT applications.


A standout feature of DreamFactory is its ability to automatically generate APIs from almost any type of data source, saving developers valuable time and effort. Not only can it handle SQL and NoSQL databases, but it also supports file storage services, email services, and other types of remote HTTP or SOAP services. This means that regardless of where your data is stored or how it's formatted, DreamFactory can create an API for it.

In addition to its powerful API generation capabilities, DreamFactory also includes a robust suite of security tools to protect your data. It provides user management options as well as role-based access controls for APIs. Furthermore, the software offers customizable scripting environments which allow developers to integrate business logic directly into their APIs.

Lastly, DreamFactory’s built-in scalability ensures that as your business grows and evolves, so too can your APIs. The software enables developers to adapt their APIs according to changing needs and requirements without having to worry about infrastructure limitations.

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