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KrakenD is not just any ordinary API Gateway. As an advanced, high-efficiency solution, it enables the seamless integration of microservices. Being stateless and distributed, it ensures optimal performance regardless of your system's demands.

High-performance Open Source API Gateway | KrakenD
KrakenD is a high-performance Open Source API Gateway that enables you to build scalable and resilient microservices architectures.


In addition to its robust nature, KrakenD offers a suite of features geared towards enhancing your user experience. Content aggregation, composition, and filtering are among these offerings, enabling you to create customized views and mashups from your APIs' aggregated content. This capability ensures that you have full control over how your content is presented and consumed.

And it doesn't stop there. KrakenD also provides tools for content manipulation and format transformation. These tools allow you to modify responses as per your requirements and effortlessly convert between XML and JSON formats (and vice-versa). With such flexibility at your fingertips, managing complex data within your system becomes a breeze.

With 1375 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-27 the project looks healthy.