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k0s is a comprehensive Kubernetes distribution solution that comes packed with all the necessary features needed to set up and run a Kubernetes cluster. This tool is packaged as a single binary, making it very user-friendly.

k0s | Kubernetes distribution for bare-metal, on-prem, edge, IoT
k0s is the simple, solid & certified Kubernetes distribution that works on any infrastructure: bare-metal, on-premise, edge, IoT devices, public & private clouds. It’s 100% open source & free. k0s is easy to install with a single binary and scales well from a single node development environment to a…


The standout feature of k0s is its simplicity. It significantly simplifies the process of installing and operating a fully conformant Kubernetes distribution. In no time, new kube clusters can be bootstrapped, reducing developer friction to an absolute zero. This simplicity makes it possible for anyone, regardless of their knowledge or expertise in Kubernetes, to get started effortlessly.

Another remarkable feature is its independence. k0s operates as a single binary with absolutely no host OS dependencies other than the host OS kernel itself. It can function seamlessly with any operating system without requiring additional software packages or configuration changes. Any security vulnerabilities or performance bottlenecks can be addressed directly within the k0s distribution.

With 1375 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.