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**Eclipse Che** is a highly flexible, open-source platform designed to foster workspace server operations and provide a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE). It revolutionizes the traditional IDE setup by offering a developer environment that can run in the cloud, making it easily accessible and highly portable.

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The defining feature of Eclipse Che is its ability to host not only your source code but also the development environment itself. This makes for seamless collaborations as developers can share not just their code, but their entire setup. Moreover, this aids in ensuring consistent environments between team members, reducing the 'it works on my machine' problem that often plagues development teams.

Furthermore, Eclipse Che offers features like pre-built stacks for various languages and frameworks, easing the initial setup process. Its extensible platform means you can add in plug-ins and extensions to tailor your experience. The software also supports multiple programming languages and provides developer-friendly features such as debugging tools and multi-cursor support.

With 6855 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-28 the project looks healthy.