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Ejabberd is a robust and versatile XMPP server that enables the deployment of instant messaging services. It is a popular choice among businesses and developers looking for a scalable and extensible solution that ensures secure communication in real-time.

ejabberd XMPP Server with MQTT Broker & SIP Service
ejabberd is an XMPP server (Jabber server), MQTT broker and SIP gateway built to create awesome realtime services like massive chat, instant communication, IoT and more.


A standout feature of ejabberd is its fault-tolerance and distributed architecture. This allows it to handle thousands of concurrent users without compromising on performance. With an open-source nature, ejabberd allows extensive customizations to fit varying business needs. It supports multi-user chat, offline messages, user presence information, contact list storage, and more.

In addition to this, ejabberd offers built-in support for WebSockets, HTTP/HTTPS binding (BOSH), and Stream Management. These features ensure efficient use of network resources while maintaining high responsiveness and reliability of the messaging service. Moreover, ejabberd's security measures include SASL & Dialback authentication along with start-to-finish encryption - making the communication private and secure.

Finally, another advantage of using ejabberd is the active community around it. This provides valuable resources like regular updates, bug-fixes, plugins extending functionality and a platform for users to share their experiences or ask questions.

With 5567 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.