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eLabFTW is a state-of-the-art, digital lab notebook crafted specifically for research labs of any scale. It combines the convenience of online collaboration with robust data handling capabilities to streamline your research processes.

eLabFTW - Open Source Laboratory Notebook
A free and open source electronic laboratory notebook for experimental research.


Its core features include maintaining comprehensive experiment logs, creating databases for storing and retrieving critical data, and managing workflow with built-in scheduling tools. The platform allows scientists to document their experimental procedures, observations, and findings in an organized manner. It's designed to ensure that all your data remains safe, secure, and accessible anytime from anywhere.

The eLabFTW platform also provides a simple yet effective way of managing lab inventory and equipment. You can track the usage of equipment and materials, reserve resources for future experiments, and maintain accurate records of every item in your lab. Furthermore, eLabFTW promotes collaboration amongst colleagues by allowing users to share their notes or findings with the team.

Incorporating strong encryption standards and user-access control mechanisms, eLabFTW ensures that sensitive research information remains confidential while still promoting transparency within your team. With its multifaceted features supporting every aspect of laboratory work from experiment documentation to resource management - eLabFTW is truly an indispensable tool for any modern research lab.

With 775 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-29 the project looks healthy.