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Eqivo is a transformative tool designed to bridge the gap between web applications and communication endpoints. It offers an API layer over FreeSWITCH which allows you to seamlessly integrate your web-based applications with various voice or video enabled end-points. These endpoints could range from traditional phone lines (PSTN) and VoIP phones, to advanced webRTC clients.

Eqivo | Open Source Telephony API Platform
Open Source Telephony/Programmable Voice API platform built on top of FreeSWITCH


One of the key features of Eqivo is its ability to facilitate easy integration. It essentially functions as a mediator between your applications and different communication devices, making integration a hassle-free process. By providing an API layer on top of FreeSWITCH, it ensures smooth communication between your apps and the intended end-points.

Another standout feature of Eqivo is its compatibility with various types of communication devices. Whether you're working with older technologies such as traditional phone lines, or newer tech like VoIP phones and webRTC clients, Eqivo can effortlessly handle them all. This wide-ranging compatibility makes it extremely versatile and adaptable for different usage scenarios.

In conclusion, if you're seeking software that can simplify the task of integrating your web applications with any voice/video-enabled endpoint, then Eqivo serves as an excellent choice.

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