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Evidence is a meticulously designed Business Intelligence (BI) solution aimed towards individuals and organizations that prefer to work with code. It enables users to retrieve, analyze, transform, and report data for business analytics purposes.

Evidence - Business Intelligence as Code
Evidence is an open source publishing tool for modern data teams. Build polished data products with just SQL and markdown.


Key features of Evidence include its ability to handle complex data sets. Users can manipulate large volumes of data with the power of programming, allowing for more in-depth analysis and exploration. This provides greater flexibility in terms of data management compared to traditional BI tools.

Additionally, Evidence allows for seamless integration with various databases and data sources, meaning users can gather information from diverse locations and types all in one platform. Its code-based nature also promotes transparency as it allows users to fully understand the underlying logic behind their analysis. This software is perfect for businesses seeking an advanced BI tool that offers both flexibility and control.

With 1905 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.