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ExBin serves as an advanced pastebin platform designed to accommodate both public and private code snippets while also integrating a netcat server. This versatile software tool offers a seamless way to store, share, and manage code snippets making it a vital asset for developers and programming enthusiasts.

GitHub - m1dnight/exbin: A pastebin clone written in Elixir/Phoenix.
A pastebin clone written in Elixir/Phoenix. Contribute to m1dnight/exbin development by creating an account on GitHub.


The key feature of ExBin is its dual storage system that allows users to save their code snippets either publicly or privately. This flexibility empowers users with control over the visibility of their content. They can opt for public storage when they wish to share or collaborate on projects, while the private option provides a secure space for storing sensitive or personal coding projects.

Adding to its value proposition, ExBin also comes with an inbuilt netcat server. This unique feature facilitates direct communication between systems on the same network. The inclusion of netcat allows users to debug network programs with minimal effort, making ExBin more than just a typical pastebin solution.

With 66 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-18 the project looks healthy.