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FileGator is an advanced file management tool designed to streamline the handling and organization of files for multiple users. It boasts an intuitive single-page interface that makes navigation and operations smooth and straightforward. With FileGator, managing files becomes a breeze, whether it's for personal use or business purposes.

FileGator - Free, Multi-User PHP File Manager
PHP Script with advanced features like multi-file upload with progress bar, zip, unzip, drag’n’drop, amazon s3 support


Key features of FileGator include its multi-user functionality that allows teams to effectively collaborate on files. Each user can be granted customized permissions, ensuring the right balance of accessibility and security. It also supports file preview, which saves time by allowing users to quickly review files without downloading them.

Another notable aspect of FileGator is its high adaptability. It supports various storage adapters for easy integration with different types of storage solutions such as local filesystems, FTP servers, Amazon S3, Dropbox and more. Moreover, it comes with a responsive design which means it can be accessed conveniently from any device.

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