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Genea.app is an innovative software designed to facilitate anyone in creating and editing their family tree while prioritizing data privacy. With its user-friendly interface, it becomes incredibly easy for users to trace and record their lineage. The open-source nature of the tool adds another layer of transparency, ensuring users are aware of how their sensitive information is handled.

Genea.app - Build your family tree
Genea is a free tool to author your family tree without an account. Genea gives you complete control over where to store your GEDCOM ancestry heritage data.


The key feature of Genea.app is its commitment to privacy by design. This means that the application has been designed from the ground up with user privacy as a core principle. Users can rest assured knowing that all their data is stored securely in GEDCOM format, a popular software for genealogical data which allows wide compatibility with other such tools.

Another distinguishing feature of Genea.app is that all processing occurs directly in your browser. This ensures that your sensitive familial information never leaves your personal device offering an additional layer of security. Furthermore, being an open-source tool also means it's constantly evolving and improving with contributions from developers worldwide, ensuring its adaptability and longevity.

With 133 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-03-23 the project looks abandoned.