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GitList represents a powerful web-based tool designed for browsing git repositories. This innovative software solution allows users to effortlessly navigate and manage their git repositories from the convenience of their preferred web browser. It introduces a new level of accessibility to your codebase, providing an optimal environment to view multiple variations and revisions of your files.

GitList - An elegant and modern git repository viewer


Key features of Gitlist include the ability to view files under different revisions. This feature empowers users by enabling them to observe changes and enhancements made over time, thus improving tracking and control over project development. Furthermore, GitList provides a comprehensive view of commit history, offering an in-depth chronological sequence of changes. This allows for better comprehension and transparency in understanding code modifications.

Another notable aspect is its 'diffs' feature that shows the differences between two versions of a file or code snippet in a visually appealing manner. This facilitates easier detection of alterations made in the project. By bringing all these features together within an intuitive interface, GitList truly stands out as a versatile tool for git repository management.

With 2907 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-07-29 the project looks abandoned.