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Actionsflow is a powerful tool designed for developers looking to automate their workflows. By leveraging the power of GitHub actions, it provides a free alternative to other workflow automation software like Zapier or IFTTT. Actionsflow helps you with efficiency and productivity by simplifying your task management process.

Actionsflow Introduction


The software's main feature is its integration with GitHub actions. This enables developers to handle various tasks within their scope using Actionsflow as an orchestration tool. It supports the creation of custom workflows based on events such as new comments, starred repositories, or any other event on GitHub that is important to your development process.

Moreover, Actionsflow offers a variety of triggers for different platforms ranging from RSS feeds, Google Sheets, Twitter tweets or Webhooks. It's not just limited to GitHub but can serve as an automated hub handling tasks across multiple platforms. In addition, it provides support for a variety of tools and APIs allowing developers to execute complex tasks seamlessly.

One more key feature is its open-source nature. Being an open-source application means you can modify and customize it according to your specific development needs. This makes Actionsflow not only versatile but also highly adaptive.

With 2911 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-07-13 the project looks abandoned.