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Sensu offers a comprehensive observability and monitoring solution that is designed to scale. It functions as an agent-based tool which can be installed directly onto your organization's infrastructure. Sensu's backend provides an automated and flexible pipeline for filtering, transforming, and processing alerts and metrics.

Sensu | Observability Pipeline
The Observability Pipeline that delivers monitoring as code on any cloud


Sensu stands out with its agent-based monitoring system complemented by auto-discovery features, making it particularly appropriate for cloud environments. It utilizes service checks to monitor service health and accumulate telemetry data from various sources.

Two of its key features are the Observability Pipeline and Monitoring as code. With Sensu Go’s Observability Pipeline, gaps in observability between metrics, logging, & tracing can be bridged, allowing a more comprehensive view of the systems. In addition to this, Sensu Go encapsulates monitoring workflows into declarative configuration files through its 'Monitoring as code' feature. These files can be shared among team members and treated as code - they can be edited, reviewed, versioned just like any other piece of software.

With 2916 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2019-12-31 the project looks abandoned.