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Gramps Web

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**Gramps Web** is an interactive online platform that facilitates collaborative family history research. This software bridges the gap between traditional research methods and modern technology, offering a unique blend of features to aid in conducting genealogical studies. Gramps Web is constructed upon and maintains seamless interoperability with Gramps, a widely recognized open-source desktop application catered towards exhaustive and intricate genealogical explorations.

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The primary strength of **Gramps Web** lies in its collaborative nature. With this software, users can assemble and work together on complex family trees regardless of their geographic locations. Participants can add their contributions to the collective research, creating a comprehensive genealogical database that grows over time.

The compatibility of **Gramps Web** with the established Gramps desktop application provides enhanced versatility to its users. This allows one to leverage the robust set of features offered by Gramps, while also benefiting from the convenience and accessibility of a web-based platform. From data entry to historical record analysis - everything becomes significantly more manageable with Gramps Web.

With 45 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-27 the project looks healthy.